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7:00 PM

Bookshelf Bingo

Get ready for the bookish bingo event you've been waiting for!! Hosted by our own Jenna Guillaume featuring an all-star #LoveOzYA Romance panel: Tara Eglington, Nina Kenwood & Melissa Keil! Do you have what it takes to get BINGO?

The Rules:

  • Guess which books our authors will pick as the romance novels that inspired them the most!
  • Download our 4 x 4 bingo card and fill it in with your guesses
  • Share a pic of your bingo card before the event. Tag us and use the hashtag #BookshelfBingoRomance
  • Play along on the night via the link below. If you get 4 correct guesses you WIN A PRIZE
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Books are family. Books are community.

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A very special bookshelf bingo

A very special bookshelf bingo


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